Feeling depressed because of excessive hair fall? Read on


If you are encountering the problem of hair loss, you can turn towards PRP therapy for solution.

Hair is one of the most vital parts of any human being. Hair gives a remarkable look to an individual. So, everyone desires that his or her hair should be the best. The length and the viscosity of the hair help to augment the persona, particularly of a female. Styling of the hair also plays an impressive role in endorsing the good looks of any individual. You will find countless salons which are there just to give a picture-perfect style of your hair. So, when an individual encounters a problem of hair loss, their self-confidence can get hindered. A person can even get psychologically affected because of hair fall. They keep on thinking about their issue and this affects their everyday life.

Hair loss concerns

Hair loss has become the most horrifying problem amid folks of all age groups. These days, most individuals have detected the problem more often than normal when they comb or brush their hair. Individuals may face severe hair fall in the summer time as their scalp gets dehydrated, leading to irritation. Each hair thread comprises of a hair shaft, which is a root beneath the skin, from which the hair breeds. Keratin is the protein that exists in each hair thread. Individuals may incline to lose 50 to 100 hairs every day, and these will be substituted by new hair in the follicle. But, if your hair fall is atypical, then you need to take indispensible provisions to avert further detaching of hair. Anybody can experience hair loss and the problem might upsurge with the progressing age. Some recent statistics publicized that about 30 % of individuals will spot the same problem by the time they reach 30 years, and 50 % of them will encounter it by the time they turn 50 years.

What are the causes?

There are inestimable reasons that result in hair loss. Finding the veracious cause to fix the problem is a tad challenging chore that needs to take many things into contemplation. The problem ascends because of many reasons such as ageing, crash dieting, consumption of poor nutrients, dandruff, tension, mental and physical disorders, hormonal disproportions, infections and medicines.

How to overcome this problem?

As maximum individuals are suffering from the same problem, they are often eyeing for a solution to triumph over this problem. To see to such a situation, many patients nowadays are turning towards platelet rich plasma therapy for hair growth. PRP therapy or platelet rich plasma therapy for hair loss is a treatment that encompasses withdrawing a patient’s own blood, processing it so that only the supplemented cells (platelet-rich plasma) remain, and vaccinating it back into scalp. PRP encompasses vital proteins that arouse natural hair growth. The treatment can also be pooled with hair transplant surgery.

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