PRP hair loss Treatment

Get back a head full of hair with PRP hair loss treatment

For patients with thinning hair, platelet rich plasma or PRP hair loss treatment in Delhi is a pioneering option. This non-invasive process can intensely upsurge hair growth by stimulating the manufacturing of new hair cells. PRP treatment uses your body’s own cells to upsurge hair growth. Therefore, it can dramatically improve your appearance and confidence with essentially no dangers.

What is PRP hair treatment?

Your blood encompasses plasma, which holds proteins called platelets. These growth factors control your body’s reaction to injury, encouraging the manufacturing of new cells. A greater concentration of plasma can inspire augmented tissue growth. To increase the level of plasma in your blood, Dr. Kashyap will take a sample of your own blood. Afterward, he will place the sample in a centrifuge, which will segregate the platelets from the nearby blood cells. Subsequently, your doctor will treat your scalp with a micro-needling method. During this treatment, your skin will be numbed. It should encompass negligible discomposure. However, your body will react to the apparent impairment, prompting the healing process. Then the doctor will inject platelet rich plasma into your scalp. The PRP can then work in combination with the natural healing procedure. The platelets will revive sedentary hair follicles and kindle newly implanted follicles.

Benefits of PRP treatment

PRP hair treatment is becoming progressively prevalent because of its several medical benefits. These that are:

  • Safety: PRP hair loss treatment uses your body’s own cells. There is no danger of rejection or an allergic reaction.

  • Effective: This option is effective for lots of patients. You might start to observe the outcomes around three months after your process, although the complete effects might not be observable for around a year.

  • Negligible discomfort: Since PRP treatment does not encompass surgery; you should experience only slight discomposure, just like undergoing minor blood work at your routine doctor’s appointments.

  • Convenience: PRP hair treatment does not necessitate any downtime or retrieval. You can go back to your normal activities instantaneously after the process.

  • Versatile: Dr. Kashyap might recommend this treatment to replace hair on your face as well as your scalp hair.

Once your hair stats to come back in, it can have fabulous benefits for your appearance and level of self-confidence. Your full head of hair can help you seem younger and healthier too. In response, you might be more eager to face new social circumstances and challenges at the office.

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