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How Can a Dermatologist help You Attain Flawless Skin?

Are you probing the internet for “when to visit a dermatologist”? If you nodded in yes, chances are it is right time to schedule an appointment at a skin clinic. At Kashyap Skin Clinic, we suggest patients to schedule an annual visit with us for a whole body and skin check. During these exams, our dermatologist i.e. Dr. S.K. Kashyap will search for doubtful marks on the skin, like new or changing moles and other skin conditions. Annual skin exams are a remarkable way to keep up with the skin vicissitudes and are vital for timely detection of serious skin conditions like skin cancer. Although we vouch for an annual visit, the necessity to visit a dermatologist might ascend throughout the year. It is significant to comprehend what signs and symptoms might call for the attention of a skin doctor. If you experience any of the signs or symptoms listed beneath, do not overlook them. Contact our clinic today for an assessment.

Why refer a dermatologist?

  • A rash that does not go away on its own: A rash can be an indication of some allergic reaction or even of any skin condition like eczema. If you have a rash that is recurrent or prolonged, it is significant to have the rash assessed by a professional. This way, a suitable diagnosis can be done.

  • Severe acne like cystic acne: Acne is a frustration for countless people. However, sometimes acne can become severe and necessitate medical attention. Dermatologists are whizzes in the diagnosis and treatment of acne. They can help to clear your skin permanently.

  • A skin condition that will not cure: If you have a cut that will not cure or bumps that will not go away, a visit to the dermatologist becomes a necessity. These can be indications that something is inappropriate.

  • Fingernails or toenails that are yellow or fragile: In several cases, yellow and fragile nails are an indication of a fungal infection, which might necessitate antibiotics to get rid of. If you are experiencing these symptoms, visit a dermatologist right away.

  • A mole or freckle that has altered in appearance: Skin cancer is not something to consider flippantly. If you observe a mole or freckle that has altered in size, shape, color or texture, opt for medical assessment by an experienced dermatologist. When it comes to skin cancer, timely detection can save your life.

You know your body well and if you feel that a condition needs assessment, it most probably does. Do not dither to contact a skin doctor when the need ascends.

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