Laser Hair Removal: A Ticket To Smooth, Hair-free Skin

Laser Hair Removal: A Ticket To Smooth, Hair-free Skin in Cost-Effective Way!

Laser hair removal treatments are increasingly the choice for countless individuals who want to get rid of undesirable hair. As a beauty treatment, laser hair removal in Dwarka can give individuals more confidence and permit them to progress with their lives. Recommended by a variety of celebrities, hair removal of this type can be an economical and effective remedy. But before going for this cosmetic treatment, it is imperative to know how laser removal works and why so many individuals pick this over other varieties of treatment for confiscating undesirable hair. Laser hair removal can be a cost-effective and easy way to get rid of unsolicited body hair. With little side-effects and often remarkable outcomes, laser hair removal has been a common type of beauty treatment for numerous years. At Kashyap Skin Clinic, Dwarka, New Delhi we offer Diode laser hair removal (LUMENIS Desire) technology.

The first non-invasive hair removal system

First familiarized to the beauty treatment market in 1998, laser hair removal processes offered individuals the first ever non-invasive kind of hair reduction, with safe and perpetual outcomes in the removal of hair. Laser hair removal has reported to be so effective that is now a commonly acknowledged and standard form of cosmetic treatment for an array of hair removal prerequisites.

The process

Firstly, if a patient wants a laser treatment, they must have a consultation. This is because individuals don’t always have the same kind of skin and that certain skin conditions will need a certain kind of laser hair removal to avoid any issues. Particular medical conditions, hair colours and other constraints will affect how the laser hair treatment will have to be applied to the patient in getting rid of undesirable hair. Broadly speaking, the darker the skin color, the lesser the effect of the laser treatment can be. Further to that, diverse regions of the body can react differently to the laser treatment, so it is imperative to have a consultation before any treatment begins in order to best determine what kind of laser treatment to use. More treatment for certain zones of female body, like the upper lip to the chin, can take longer as there could be more hormonal activity there, while the laser hair removal treatment on the legs could see a speedy effect in getting rid of undesirable body hair. Although laser treatments are principally safe, it is best not to overdo it all together; thus, a consultation with Dr. S. K. Kashyap can determine the paramount way to proceed.

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