Surgery Options For Vitiligo!

Surgery Options For Vitiligo

Leucoderma or Vitiligo is a very common disease in which people get white patches on their skin owing to pigment loss. No other symptoms are recorded. Sometimes, photo-therapy and other medical treatments can help in restoring the pigment without the need for a surgery but at times, surgery is the online option available.

When people notice these patches, it causes a lot of embarrassment and sometimes, it even leads to depression. Correction is demanded, especially if the patient is of marriageable age. This is the time one needs to opt for vitiligo treatment in Delhi. Given below are some surgery options that are available to people.

Surgery can help in stabilizing the patches. When medical treatments don’t respond at all, surgery can help a lot and is very quick too. The outcome depends on the body where the patches are involved for instance lips, bony prominences, eyelids or other areas. There are 4 types in surgery; let’s have a look at them.

  • Autologous skin grafts.

This is an extremely common and popular surgical method. Skin grafts are harvested from the normal skin i.e. the one that has sufficient pigment and then, they are placed on the area having white patches. It should be performed in people who don’t see development of new patches of a period of time. Uniform pigmentations are produced and there’s no cobble stoning.

  • Blistering technique

Blisters are created on the pigmented skin of the patient with freezing cold, suction or with heat. After that, the surgeon will cut the top of the blister and place the same on the area with white patches. A lot of time is consumed in this technique and so, people don’t prefer it much.

  • Micropigmentation

This method is also known as tattooing. Pigment is implanted in the skin with the help of an instrument. This is a very good procedure for lips. However, the disadvantage is that over a period of time, this tattooing fades away. Sometimes, blister outbreaks are also caused due to this.

  • Non cultured autologous melanocyte transfer

Epidermal cells are separated and these cells are spread as suspension on the patchy area. The best thing about this technique is that large areas can be treated in one go. A small donor site will also work wonders. Moreover, even the color matching is excellent.

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