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Most Specialized PRP Treatment Effective in Hair Restoration

Most Specialized PRP Treatment Effective in Hair Restoration

Our clinic is one of the most popular destinations for the PRP based hair loss treatment procedure

The PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) for treating the hair loss is an extremely powerful and natural hair loss treatment without any requirement of the intake of daily pills or the application of chemical lotions. Through the creation of the controlled injury to the scalp area, the PRP therapy actually signals the body to deliver the platelets and plasma to the targeted area for the repair of the injured cells. The platelets rich plasma actually contains the growth factors which are then infused into the patient’s scalp. When the skin initiates the wound healing procedure, the proliferation phase of the hair cycle is activated which results in the thick hair growth.

This is a revolutionary treatment for all those patients who are suffering from alopecia

There is a minimal amount of discomfort which is associated with the PRP therapy with no downtime at all. This is a revolutionary treatment for all those patients who are suffering from the alopecia. Our clinic is one of the most popular destinations for the PRP procedure. Our hair loss treatment specialist have performed thousands of the successful PRP procedures. It is quite simple, safe and highly effective hair loss treatment for all those men and women who are in the initial stage of the hair loss.

We utilize only the medical grade PRP products and carry out the treatment in a highly safe and clinical environment

Our clinic utilizes only the medical grade PRP products and carries out the treatment in a highly safe and clinical environment. The PRP therapy works effectively for both the men as well as women who are looking for ways to stimulate their hair follicles for growing their lost hair back. The potential side effects of this procedure are very less and there is also very little or no downtime following the PRP treatment.

Speak to our hair loss treatment experts and gain an insight into the most specialized PRP treatment which is available for hair restoration

Our clinic utilizes the best range of the hair restorative procedures with an extraordinary customer service and guaranteed results. Speak to our hair loss treatment experts and gain an insight into the most specialized PR treatment which is available for hair restoration. You can call us for arranging an initial consultation with our hair loss treatment experts.

laser acne scar treatment

Get rid of acne scars to reveal the hidden confidence and radiance of skin

Acne problems can be handled well by opting sensibly for a good acne scar removal treatment.

Suffering from acne can be a ruthless experience. However, for numerous years, individuals who have dealt with acne may have to tolerate those scars that acne has left behind. Acne scar removal treatment is becoming progressively more popular today. The question is what is the superlative scar removal treatment? When you first experience acne, it is a worthy idea to treat it as quickly as possible. You should never postpone the treatment as this can lead to deformity as well as psychological impairment. Usually, it is adolescents that struggle with acne, but there are many grown-ups that are suffering from it too. Usually, it is the grown-ups whose skin does not have any flexibility and elasticity. This decreases the capability to heal the blemishes that have been left behind. The consequence of it all includes having marks that stay enduringly on your skin. This can be a big loss for one’s confidence and self-image.

Nowadays, for these reasons, there is a multiplicity of skin care and beauty merchandises that are being vended to treat and hide the blemishes that have been left behind. The outcomes may not be precisely what you anticipated with beauty treatments, so you should always do your research. It can take some time to get your immaculate skin back on your face. If you go to a skin clinic and they tell you that they can reinstate your face that has blemishes on it to how it appeared before, then you may want to stay away as it is not conceivable to have skin that is as good as it was before it was blemished. Therefore, look into the type of treatment prudently before you use it.

There are so many options to select from so as to solve the problem of acne. There is what we call laser acne treatment that employs laser to eliminate acne blemishes. It targets the affected area to entirely remove the marks. Another substitute way to get rid of the acne blemishes is via the use of microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is using mechanical way to exfoliate the blemish. Owing to the affordability in undergoing this type of treatment, more individuals are considering this as a possible alternative. You can also use needle RF treatment for acne scars that can minimalize and ultimately removes your scars. Before undergoing any treatment, please refer your dermatologist first to know the finest solution for your acne scar glitches. The treatment that should be chosen will also depend on the type of acne scars you have and the scars’ dimensions, color and penetration. You should plan to discuss these things so as to make a fruitful choice.

Are you confused about precisely what type of acne you have? Or perhaps you want to discover the best acne scar removal. If yes, then you can visit Kashyap Skin Clinic.

laser hair removal treatment

Laser Hair Removal To Make You Go Confident with Your Hairless Skin

If it is possible to cover your face in case of having hair on it? No, it is not. But there are many women who have been embarrassing because of having unwanted hair on their face. You face has always been on display, it requires to get look good.

Your face is the window exploring all about your style without saying anything. Whether it is about the upper lip, sideburns or chin, they all must need to look good. The fashionistas are thankful to laser Hair removal treatment as they target many things in one go.

  • The best thing is that you do not need to go time to time to get your hair removed. It is a permanent solution to remove hair safely and privately.
  • When you do not have excessive hair on your face, it makes you good from inside. Your self-confidence gets boosted up.
  • This treatment also plays a major role to prevent razor bumps and irritation.

Trust Only the Experienced:

We all know that our face holds the most sensitive skin, it needs the best treatment. When you keep having the harsh hair removal treatment, it leads towards a great deal of irritation. The best thing is that laser hair removal is an ideal treatment for men and women both.

How Laser Treatment Works:

Fortunately, this is the treatment considered the safe, effective and permanent to reduce the hair. It gets the unwanted hair off from your face without having any harmful effects. It targets the dark pigment on hair right at the root and eradicated them. The treatment session does not go that way much longer and can be get it done within the stipulated time.

You can have it even you have hectic schedule. You may go according to your convenience like in lunch break, in evening or morning. You are allowed to get back to your work after getting it done. After having this treatment, you will be left with the beautiful and smooth skin that you always wish to have. You are all set to flaunt your magic at the forefront. Now no need to hide your face.

What about the Common treatment areas for women? To look good, these four areas must not have unwanted hairs. Laser Hair Removal treatment covers these four areas and unveils the beautiful skin to you.

  • Upper lip
  • Sideburns
  • Chin
  • Neck

Schedule Your Appointment with Dr. S. K. Kashyap:

Dr. S. K. Kashyap is the name on which you can trust. This is the coveted name in this field. People come here from all around the country to have the best treatment at the modest prices. Dr. Kashyap holds a great ration in respect of Laser Hair removal treatment.

Botox Treatment to Show Your Beauty

Botox Treatment to Show Your Beauty Flawlessly

Being a girl, you need to look stylish, beautiful and young. It is not required that you want to show off to others but having great personality makes you confident on your own. For this you need to have the wrinkle free skin. No one wishes to look older and Botox Treatment has emerged as the boon.

What is Botox:

Botox is a kind of drug made up of a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. In Botox Treatment it is used in a small amount. If taken the great amount, it may lead to the life-threatening type of food poisoning.

How Botox treatment is done:

  • BOTOX is injected into particular muscles using a fine needle. No, it does not pain that much. You have to bear only minor discomfort.
  • Botox treatment does not take too much time and get done within stipulated time. Apart from it, this treatment does not need anesthesia.
  • You will be able to see the benefits within three to seven days. It seems essential to mention that it varies from patient to patient. Some have to wait some more weeks.

How long the BOTOX effects go:

If you are going to have this treatment, you will surely like to know that how long Botox Effects go. Actually, it remains last four to six months and then again you have to go for it.  Later the wrinkles on face will start getting shown as muscle action gradually returns.

Do not go for Botox if you are:

Before going fort this treatment, you need to need to know if you are allowed to go for it or not. Let’s know who must go for having Botox Treatment if:

  • You are pregnant
  • You are breastfeeding your kid
  • You are suffering from neurological disease
  • You tend to allergic to albumin

What one should not do after having Botox:

  • First, do not do that kind of activity that can make you have sweating. It can restrict to get the desired results.
  • Do not go for having Blood Thinner medication. It would be good to consult first with your doctor before undergoing the treatment.
  • Don’t do that way much hard work as it may lead to issues.
  • Don’t go for having alcohol.
  • Keep in mind that do not massage or rub that area on which Botox has done.

Get the best Botox treatment by Dr. S. K. Kashyap:

Since it is all about your skin, it requires trusting the one having enough experience in this respect. Go for choosing KSC in order to have the best Botox treatment.

No need to step out of the state as visiting Dr. S. K. Kashyap is the answer all of your dilemmas. He has carved out her name as the most renowned, proficient skin specialist and best dermatologist. So, what are you waiting for? Feel free to contact of visit Kashyap Skin Clinic, Dwarka, New Delhi.

PRP Therapy: Understanding The Procedure

PRP Therapy: Understanding The Procedure

PRP therapy also known as Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is a new method of treating baldness. It is known for its flexibility and can be done with or without hair transplant surgery.

This procedure is known to thicken the existing hair, help in hair growth and make hair transplants beneficial.

Hair loss many a times affects people of all ages; in short, this issue is becoming way too common. So, if you too are among those people suffering from this grave issue, then you must resort to PRP therapy. This is a minimally invasive procedure and can treat issue of hair thinning really well; it is good both for women as well as for men.

There are many clinics in Delhi that offer PRP treatment.

Understand the procedure

This is an autologous medical procedure and is performed for the stimulation of hair, skin and scalp.  In this, the patient’s blood is withdrawn and processed. After that, the platelet-rich plasma or enriched cells are injected in the scalp. Since PRP has essential protein content, natural growth of hair is stimulated.

How is the procedure performed?

Blood is drawn from in the doctor’s clinic after having a routine blood test. Then, the PRP would be separated from rest of blood. With this system, granylocytes that hurt the regeneration of tissue are eliminated. In order to cut down on pain, the doctor would give anesthesia to the scalp nerves. Then, the concentrated PRP is injected in the scalp. While going, the hair is washed and there is no inconvenience that the patient faces. Moreover, medications or sedations are not given during the procedure.

PRP has many growth factors that lead to stimulation of follicles. This is actually a very effective treatment for hair thinning and results are brilliant. Excellent way to get rid of baldness; it is 100 percent effective and you will start noticing the results soon. Healthier and faster hair growth is ensured and it works well on hair loss pattern also. Around 3 sessions might be needed in a gap of 7 weeks depending on how effective the treatment is and whether the transplantation is successful or not.

Dr S. K. Kashyap provides this procedure at Kashyap Skin Clinic and it is known for its effectiveness. If you don’t want to go for hair transplant surgery, then this is probably the best option available.

Surgery Options For Vitiligo

Surgery Options For Vitiligo!

Leucoderma or Vitiligo is a very common disease in which people get white patches on their skin owing to pigment loss. No other symptoms are recorded. Sometimes, photo-therapy and other medical treatments can help in restoring the pigment without the need for a surgery but at times, surgery is the online option available.

When people notice these patches, it causes a lot of embarrassment and sometimes, it even leads to depression. Correction is demanded, especially if the patient is of marriageable age. This is the time one needs to opt for vitiligo treatment. Given below are some surgery options that are available to people.

Surgery can help in stabilizing the patches. When medical treatments don’t respond at all, surgery can help a lot and is very quick too. The outcome depends on the body where the patches are involved for instance lips, bony prominences, eyelids or other areas. There are 4 types in surgery; let’s have a look at them.

  • Autologous skin grafts.

This is an extremely common and popular surgical method. Skin grafts are harvested from the normal skin i.e. the one that has sufficient pigment and then, they are placed on the area having white patches. It should be performed in people who don’t see development of new patches of a period of time. Uniform pigmentations are produced and there’s no cobble stoning.

  • Blistering technique

Blisters are created on the pigmented skin of the patient with freezing cold, suction or with heat. After that, the surgeon will cut the top of the blister and place the same on the area with white patches. A lot of time is consumed in this technique and so, people don’t prefer it much.

  • Micropigmentation

This method is also known as tattooing. Pigment is implanted in the skin with the help of an instrument. This is a very good procedure for lips. However, the disadvantage is that over a period of time, this tattooing fades away. Sometimes, blister outbreaks are also caused due to this.

  • Non cultured autologous melanocyte transfer

Epidermal cells are separated and these cells are spread as suspension on the patchy area. The best thing about this technique is that large areas can be treated in one go. A small donor site will also work wonders. Moreover, even the color matching is excellent.

Looking for a good clinic for vitiligo surgery? Head to Kashyap Skin clinic and he will provide 100 percent assistance in getting rid of those embarrassing white patches.

variety of skin problems handled by Dermatologist

4 Things A Dermatologist Can Do!

Dermatologist handles a variety of skin problems. Many conditions can be treated and these range from minor ones to major ones like cancer. Given below are 4 things that a good dermatologist can do; you might not be probably knowing about all this.

Dermatologists use various techniques for getting rid of birthmarks. However, it depends on the size, type and location of that mark. Surgical procedures are used for removing it but a good one will always make sure that there is no scarring. Since surgery is involved, there is a slight risk of complication but problems rarely occur. Always keep such things in mind.

  • Helps in the treatment of eczema and psoriasis

Eczema and psoriasis are skin conditions and annoying rashes can be caused. If you are having any of this, you can resort to dermatology to get it solved. Continual outbreaks can be irritating and sometimes, you need respite, right? Opt for doctors that are trained to provide help with this. Inflammation can also be reduced to a great extent. They will help in identifying things that cause such outbreaks. Advice will be offered on different ways that will help in reducing their frequency.

  • Hair loss will be stopped

Sometimes, all you need to do in order to stop hair loss is go to a dermatologist and seek help. Sometimes, they can do everything that you need. At times, scalp conditions are responsible for hair loss. Hair sample will be taken and everything would be analyzed with perfection. After that, they will tell you whether you need a proper treatment for the same or not.

  • Change pigmentation of the skin

Pigmentation of skin depends on how much melanin is present in that. over a period of time, everything changes. However, this depends on a variety of factors. Many a times, dermatology treatments are sought for treating unevenness of skin. Some treatments include laser surgery, dermabrasion and chemical peels.

Warts are also addressed. These are abnormal growths that are caused owing to some virus. Whenever there is discomfort or itching, medical professional will help them disappear.

Dr Kashyap, the best dermatologist in Delhi will help in solving problems, big or small. Take time and go to him for consultation. During the meeting, clarify all the things and get the problem analyzed.

laser tattoo removal facts

Interesting facts about laser tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal has been hyped as the best treatment for unsolicited tattoos. So, it is quite natural for you to choose it if you want to chuck out that tattoo. But, do you know the nitty-gritty involved? This article is an effort to make you alert of many facets related to laser tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal works on the principle of selective thermolysis where the targeted tattoo is exposed to the energy distributed by laser. This energy exposure leads to selective destruction of the foreign pigment while guaranteeing least impairment to the nearby skin. Lasers can be applied to confiscate all kinds of tattoos be it professional, amateur, cosmetic, remedial and traumatic tattoos. The diverse colors present in the tattoos might respond differently to laser tattoo removal, but they do get confiscated to quite some extent. Therefore, laser tattoo removal presents itself as a non-invasive and effective treatment for unsolicited tattoos. This technique has brought an effective, less excruciating solution to individuals who wish to get their tattoos removed or bleached.

The right candidate

Anybody with a prerequisite to remove an undesired tattoo can opt for laser tattoo removal. It is not the individual’s physical features which decide the degree of removal but the colors used. Though maximum tattoo colors can be abolished or lightened more or less, skin colored tattoos might undergo irreparable ink darkening. This might be the case with white, pink, flesh-toned and light brown tattoo inks. Also red ink tattoos might turn black. In these circumstances, do ask or say yes to a test prescription.

Some facts

Although, laser tattoo removal certainly is the finest solution to the unwanted tattoo woes; it has got its warts which need to be considered. Some of them are:

  • Since outcomes are color dependent, total abolition is not possible, however you can be sure of vivid lightening. Amateur black tattoos react more rapidly than professional and multicolored tattoos.

  • To get thoroughgoing advantage, numerous sittings are generally required.
  • Doubly treated tattoos might necessitate supplementary treatments.
  • If the tattoo is multicolored, it would necessitate exposure to lasers of some diverse wavelengths owing to the selective absorption characteristics of a specific color.

  • After the process, some inflammation and blistering is common, so is crusting. So, don’t fear, they will go by themselves after some time. Do take good care of the wound to help the healing process and to avert septicity.


know about vitiligo

Want to know about Vitiligo and its treatment? Read on!

Vitiligo is a syndrome characterized by blotches of white, de-pigmented skin. Vitiligo affects a predictable 1%-2% of the world’s population, including males and females of all races. The chronic skin ailment happens when skin pigment cells die or are inept to function and the skin loses its pigment. Vitiligo is triggered by a far-reaching absence of melanin, the body’s skin-pigmenting chemical, in areas of affected skin. Along with the mutilating trepidations, these skin zones are sun sensitive and have an augmented risk of skin cancer. Treatments have encompassed several therapies that either totally removes skin pigmentation or several therapies, such as lasers and topical steroid creams, which endeavor to repigment the skin.

Vitiligo is categorized by blotches of pale, de-pigmented skin. Normally, these regions occur on the extremities. The affected region is generally small, but grows over time. The magnitude that vitiligo can appear and cover an individual’s body depends on the kind of vitiligo. Patients eyeing for assistance with vitiligo should always refer and work with a medical professional like Dr. S.K. Kashyap. While a common skin ailment, patients suffering with vitiligo might feel helpless and defamed. As with any disorder that impacts an individual’s appearance, feelings of despair can be common and differ in intensity. There is no antidote for vitiligo, but treatment is available. laser vitiligo treatment, for instance, helps countless folks struggling with vitiligo.

At the moment, the laser therapy comprises of UVB at 308 nm and a UVB 311 nm narrow-band microphototherapy that are specified for segmental and non-segmental vitiligo. UVA treatments epitomize a second line treatment in vitiligo even though new devices have been familiarized in the market. UVB laser therapy and narrow band (nb)-UVB phototherapy are recommended for vitiligo lesions that encompass more than 15-20% of the body region. UVB-laser therapy signifies a therapeutic option also for lesions of smaller involvement that is dynamically spreading on the body. UVB-laser therapy at the wavelength of 308 and 311 nm symbolizes a targeted therapy in the treatment of vitiligo. It represents a therapeutic choice for the vitiligo surgery resilient to treatment, in alternation or in blend with topical treatment. The choice of narrow-band UVB-laser therapy or localized or whole-body narrow-band UVB phototherapy relies on the extension and contribution of vitiligo and the devices available. The use of targeted laser therapy has the benefit to evade the patient ageing and the risk of skin cancer related with total body irradiation. Additionally, also the side-effects of the treatment, as erythema and burning, are localized to a restricted region.

Some things to keep in mind while visiting a dermatologist

If you are unlucky enough to be one of the millions children that are tormented with zits, you know it is enormously more than a negligible irritation. You have first-hand experience with just how uncomfortable it might be for those that are plagued and how professional assistance may be needed in a countless situations. When you are weighting therapy options for acne complications, you may want to avail the services of a dermatologist. These experienced clinicians can offer the understanding that is required to diagnose the acne solutions for you. Even though powerless to deliver magic miracles that will make your zits disappear, a dermatologist can be a crucial supporter in attending to your acne efficaciously. Here are a couple of things you should bear in mind when going to a dermatologist like Dr. S.K. Kashyap at Kashyap Skin Clinic:

  • Considering acne is so rampant, these folks are often encumbered with heaps of patients. Do not get lost in the scuffle; if need be, demand their attention. If you are not contented find another dermatologist.

  • Never vacillate to get the answers for any apprehensions that bother you. It may not be a bad idea to jot down some questions you might have to make certain all your qualms and queries are addressed. Open dialog with your clinician is often times one of key attributes if an efficacious acne treatment.

  • Never keep any realities about your acne from your doctor, you will only hurt yourself. The facts you offer are the foothold for your remedy. Try to be detailed with all info about your condition. Discuss problems you are facing with you acne, what medicines you are using currently and in the past, what deteriorates and helps your acne and whatever you think may help. Tell him how your condition is intruding on you psychically, as mental well-being is synonymous with your physical prosperity.

  • After you have referred a dermatologist, double-check that you appreciate all facets of your treatment. Make sure you know the correct application of each therapy you have settled on, the length of the therapy and when you should anticipate to see outcomes. Find out about all side-effects, this can be imperative if an impediment does happen.

Bear in mind that getting your acne cleared is a two-way scheme. Both the sides, doctor and patient, have to contribute to the result by being open and supportive.

skin disease

Times when visiting a dermatologist can surely prove to be fruitful

When coping with mild kinds of acne breakouts, some home-based therapies such as fruit-based masks and using antiseptic cleansers can possibly help reduce the effects of acne. You can also try to use OTC medicines comprising benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, since these medications can help abolish the pimple-causing bacteria and confiscate obstinate blackheads. If your situation, however, seems to get worse, or is already a moderate or severe type of acne to start with, it is time to see a professional for the appropriate treatment. In some circumstances, acne is instigated by an imbalance of hormones, particularly if there is too much testosterone and androgen, male hormones that can elicit superfluous oil production. When dealing with these sorts of condition, you can refer a dermatologist or a doctor specialising in hormonal inequalities like Dr. S.K. Kashyap.

Some individuals with acne experience downheartedness owing to the profound consequences of a blemish-filled skin on their mind. These folks tend to separate themselves or boycott their friends as they fear criticisms grounded on their physical appearances. When you are experiencing signs of downheartedness owing to your breakouts, it is time to speak to a dermatologist for the suitable treatment and to a psychologist to help improve your confidence. Professional assistance is also desirable if you are dealing with acne blemishes. Big lesions can only be cosmetically eliminated and treated by a licensed dermatologist since inadequate treatment might cause added septicity or may make the mutilation bigger and deeper.

You can also visit a dermatologist if you want to know more about other medicines used for acne or you want to comprehend the underlying causes behind your breakouts. Furthermore, dermatologists are doctors proficient to handle a display of skin glitches that can range from simple allergic reactions to severe and defacing types of acne. Your dermatologist can recommend stronger antibiotics and therapies if your acne is severe. They can also copiously clarify to you the benefits and potential hazards of certain acne medicines as some of these drugs can cause serious uninvited effects. Dermatologists can also be worthy sources of skincare tips to help avert acne breakouts. They are also always updated about the newest acne therapies and can consequently give you a fact-based opinion about the latest treatments. Some individuals think that the appropriate time to visit a doctor is when their breakouts have become worse, with blemishes and lesions already present. However, specialists suggest that visiting a dermatologist before blemishes or lesions could even develop is the impeccable time. There are now various available treatments and medicines that can help inhibit the development of perpetual acne scars.

PRP treatment for hairloss

How can PRP therapy be a savior for your beloved tresses?

As a matter of fact, being stylish goes hand in hand with a pretty hairdo. Style being reliant on what your hair looks like isn’t the event for just females; males too are subject to the newest trends when it comes to hair. It is astounding to think that 50 to 60 percent of males will ultimately lose their hair, one of their most imperative stylistic assets. Needless to say, hair loss can be emotionally demoralizing. Losing your hair lowers your self-esteem and how you feel other individuals will see you. There are lots of reasons for hair loss, though maximum are owing to heredities. Some types will lead to complete hair loss, while others will just clear some areas. Either way, it is highly undesirable. Over time, a heap of solutions for each and every variant of hair loss and the commencement phases of thinning hair have been created. One of such pioneering discovers is PRP treatment for hair loss that you can avail at Kashyap Skin Clinic.

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP therapy is a revolutionary new treatment for hair loss. It is handy and can be used with hair transplant operation, or as a sovereign treatment for weakening hair. PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma for hair regrowth is an in-office, non-surgical, autologous treatment derivative from the patient’s own blood that can be executed in about an hour. After the area of concern is identified, assessed and measured, standardized medical photographs are taken in the photo suite. Special gentle and sterile methods and equipment are used to segregate and concentrate the platelets and plasma from a small section of peripheral blood. A small sample of the blood and PRP is verified in a hematology analyzer to measure and document the enhanced platelet concentration. PRP encompasses growth factors and cytokines that have been shown to be accountable for stimulating and augmenting hair follicle function. Small inoculations of the PRP deliver the potent platelet-derived growth factors into the skin at the level of the feeble follicles. Hair growth improvements can normally be measured in about three months, but it takes six to twelve months to visually see the difference in photographs and in the mirror.

Making a change your appearance isn’t laidback, just bear in mind that if you select the right clinic, you will be steered through the whole process and it will seem like a breeze and Kashyap Skin Clinic is a boon in this scenario.

Visiting a dermatologist

Visiting a dermatologist: best decisions you make for your skin

Visiting the dermatologist might not be something you have ever done. Yet, countless parents need to consider the advantages of having their adolescent in for such an appointment. In many circumstances, this kind of appointment with a doctor can make a noteworthy difference in your teenager’s self-confidence, not to mention skin health. There are several key benefits to visiting a dermatologist. Though not all teenagers need this help, your family doctor might even encourage you to refer to these specialists for the assistance you need.

Acne is a weighty problem

For many teens, acne is one of the prime problems they have with their overall skin health. A dermatologist can aid in numerous ways. First, the objective will be to determine what is behind this production. In some circumstances, it might be owing to the overproduction of oil from the glands. This might be because of hormone imbalances. In other circumstances, it could be owing to infections in and on the skin. Though your body’s natural immune system might be able to handle these infections and that is not always the scenario. At times, the reason is not identified. Finding the veracious treatment generally begins with educating the teenager on how to minister to the acne. Rather than looking at it like it is a pimple, it is best to refer to it as a problem infection. This might include the use of oral or topical treatments to improve the skin’s aptitude to ward off these infections. The expert will offer particular steps for you to overcome the underlying problem or apprehension.

Why do it?

Why should you concentrate on improving the way your teenager’s skin looks? First, realize that this kind of treatment is not just about the way the skin looks but also about its well-being. These kinds of infections can wear out the immune system considerably. When that ensues, it can result in complications with other infections, too. Moreover, treatment for severe circumstances of this kind of problem can also boost your child’s self-confidence. That is a very imperative step to take. If you are uncertain if your adolescent needs dedicated help, you can always schedule a consultation to find out. Then, you can determine if your youngster needs supplementary treatment or not. Do not postpone going in to the dermatologist. In many circumstances, treating this type of problem early can save your teenager’s skin from scarring and from interminable teasing. Do take the time to find out if there is an underlying reason of this problem. For further assistance, you can visit Kashyap Skin Clinic.

Skin Problems

Problems That Can Be Handled Well by a Dermatologist

A dermatologist is a specialist centering his or her practice on the improvement of the skin. These specialists also have all-encompassing experience with the nails and hair. Folks encountering glitches with any of these structures might first wish to visit their family care provider and discuss the condition. If it is not a simple diagnosis, or if you find that the procedure is not one that you feel comfy with, seeking out a skin specialist is a virtuous idea. These providers will work with you to categorize the common problems associated with the condition you are dealing with and might even offer idyllic solutions.


One of the reasons many look for a dermatologist is to improve disorders such as acne. Acne that is temperate to severe might necessitate treatment from a specialist particularly if it does not depart on its own, remains at length or is excruciating. Folks who wish to clear up their skin even as teenagers will profit from this type of treatment. These clinicians can offer solutions including medicines and treatment options from a holistic methodology.

Skin cancer

Those who struggle with sunburn frequently or those who have numerous skin conditions might wish to look for a specialist to ensure they do not have skin cancer. If you do, these experts can help. If you notice any kind of condition in which the skin seems to be inept to heal, report this to a dermatologist as well.

Other issues

These mavens can offer extra help as well. For those who are dealing with eczema, a condition categorized by patches of itchy, irritated skin, a professional might offer prescription medicines as treatment. Those who wrestle with psoriasis might also benefit in this way. If you have conditions linking to your nails or hair, getting help from a professional can give you answers to why this is happening.

If you want to improve the way your skin looks, visit a dermatologist. Their job is to aid you to have clear, healthy-looking skin. Some even specialize in procedures to help you to have young-looking skin. You might find the newest technologies available including numerous laser treatments that can shave years off your skin’s life. There is no reason not to visit these specialists if you have questions or concerns about your skin. Make an appointment with the skin specialist at Kashyap Skin Clinic to find out what choices are available for improving the way your skin looks.

Vitiligo treatment by Dr. S. K. Kashyap

Suffering from Vitiligo? Find out how you can deal with it

Vitiligo problems are affecting lots of folks across the globe. There is no age constraint. There are numerous ways to treat this problem but there are also heaps of side-effects related to vitiligo treatment. There is a need for treatment as individuals are losing their self-confidence owing to this skin ailment. Vitiligo skin disease is a disorder in which the skin loses pigmentation, occasioning in white patches. This was the skin complaint that Michael Jackson claimed to be suffering from during an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show. Although there is no fixed reason of vitiligo, the big suspicion, according to many doctors and scientists is that it is perhaps due to an immune system malfunction. It is also obvious that vitiligo does seem to be more common in those individuals already suffering from other autoimmune sicknesses, such as lupus or hyperthyroidism. In most occurrences, the disorder often develops before the age of 40.

Vitiligo normally ascends in one of three patterns:

  • Focal- limited to one or very few regions
  • Segmental- loss of pigmentation on one side of the body
  • Generalized- widespread loss of color, sometimes symmetrical.

It is usually very challenging to forecast the natural progression of vitiligo, as in some cases the depigmentation stops of its own accord, without any kind of treatment, but more often, the white blotches on skin spread to include virtually the whole skin surface. Although vitiligo can affect anyone, it might prove to be more pronounced and marring in those folks with darker skin, often resulting in aesthetic and low self-confidence problems. Classic vitiligo treatments include medicines, light therapy and vitiligo surgery. These treatments are not always efficacious, time-consuming, costly and more troublingly, many have potentially hazardous side-effects. With no definitive cure for vitiligo, Leucoderma treatment is generally aimed at decelerating the rate of pigment loss, with an option if required, to refurbish some color to the skin, so a visit to Dr. S.K. Kashyap is desirable if the symptoms become noticeable.

Medical treatment might begin with some common sense steps such as using sunscreen, or using cream to camouflage the affected zones of skin. Additional treatment can take anything up to 18 months, and even then, trial and error might have to be used to find a suitable and practical treatment. Any vitiligo treatment choices are best considered following discussion with medical experts. One methodology that several sufferers contemplate is a natural vitiligo treatment option, using herbal extracts and vitamins, in conjunction with diet and lifestyle modifications. This method is a proven and efficacious vitiligo treatment approach, with the additional bonus of no dangerous side-effects.

seeing a dermatologist

Reasons to think of for seeing a dermatologist

Individuals tend not to give their skin the attention t it deserves and ignoring your skin is not only exceedingly hazardous, but it also shows a serious misinterpretation of how imperative this organ is and how dexterously it must be protected. If you see anything on your skin that can be apprehensive or if you have prevailing risk factors for cancer, you should make an appointment to see a dermatologist or skin specialist.

Experts expend lots of time speaking about irregular moles and the significance of sunscreen, but they don’t often go into the wider picture. There are numerous reasons why you may want to see a skin specialist like Dr. S.K. Kashyap. Maybe you have a rash or feel like you may be suffering from eczema or psoriasis. Perhaps you are eyeing for a way to settle your acne. Maybe none of the over-the-counter treatments have done anything to shoo away your athlete’s foot. Whatever your reasons, you are likely to find that a skin doctor can assist you to get to the bottom of it. But there are more serious reasons to look for the support of a dermatologist. Anytime you develop something on your skin that could be chary, you should get it tested out just to be on the safe side. Obviously, that begs the question: what is considered “doubtful”? Before getting into that, you should comprehend that skin cancer is often seen as less serious, generally because when spotted timely, the chance of efficacious treatment is good. And much skin cancer is discovered early, since the signs are right out in the open for you to notice. However, those signs won’t do you any good if you overlook them. Moles and lesions that continue to grow bigger or are frequently bleeding and scabbing over should be examined by a doctor. Anything that stands out as strange could be a quick sign of skin cancer. It can be nothing, but it is better to be safe than remorseful.

If you have some risk factors for skin cancer, you should be seeing a dermatologist often even if you have no other reason to do so. Risk factors take account of a family history of skin cancer, fair skin and recurrent exposure to the sun or tanning beds. By making regular appointments, you can lessen your risk of developing serious skin cancer considerably.

visit a dermatologist

Why is it so important to visit a dermatologist?

With the youth craze taking place and everybody pursuing a more young-looking appearance, it should come as no astonishment that dermatologists are in great demand, and countless individuals seek them out for cosmetic purposes. These doctors of dermatology are not just in the industry of making folks gorgeous, they also treat some very serious skin disorders. Additionally, selecting the right doctor can also pose a challenge as if you are going to see them for skin disorders and they are habituated to treating cosmetic issues, you might want to search for one that specifically treats your disease. The most common reason individuals visit dermatologist is because of acne. Countless teenagers undergo dermatology treatments because as their hormones are fluctuating and they can develop severe acne consequently. Several adults also struggle with acne and have to constantly have specialized treatments provided by their doctor. For some folks, once they pass adolescence they never cope with acne and for others it is something they cope with sporadically through their whole lives.

Another common complaint that individuals visit their dermatologist is psoriasis, which is a chronic ailment of the skin that causes tremendously dry blotches on regions of the body such as the knees, elbows and scalp. It is usually treated with numerous creams to hydrate the skin as much as possible and often oral medicines might be prescribed contingent on the severity of the condition. There is no antidote for psoriasis and the aim is to keep the condition controlled as much as possible by keeping the regions affected hydrated. Special shampoos are designed to help those with scalp psoriasis and Dr. S.K. Kashyap, a dermatologist will recommend antiseptic creams and shampoos.

Furthermore, lots of individuals visit a doctor of dermatology if they have stretch marks, which can take place post-pregnancy or losing enormous weight. There are specialized laser treatments that dermatologist can use to aid with stretch marks that creams simply cannot do. Your skin is the first feature of you that you present to the world, and thus, instead of hiding your stretch marks with clothing, you can have them treated and eliminated or lessened prominently.

If you are eyeing for the best dermatologist you know you can trust, then, look no further. At Kashyap Skin Clinic, we endeavor to give our customers the best of treatment available.

your dermatologist

Why does the need to see a dermatologist might arise?

If you have expended your life envious of those individuals you see that seem to have immaculate skin, then you don’t have to be covetous any longer. There is an individual you can go and see that will help you get your dermatology problems closely controlled. You don’t have to count on makeup to improve your appearance. Rather than going to the store and buying tons of unworkable creams and cleansers that only seem to exacerbate your skins disorder and make it worse, you should contemplate seeing a dermatologist.

There are numerous diverse types of treatments you can have to improve the condition of your skin. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to diminish the effects of aging, poor care, or allergies, your dermatologist can do something about it. What kind of treatment you are prescribed all depends on your health and real dermis complications. The dermatologist i.e. Dr. S.K. Kashyap at Kashyap Skin Clinic will need to take an assessment of your medical history and present health. He will need to gauge the condition of your skin and decide what might be prompting your issues. Once your dermatologist puts together a strategy of treatment for you, they will monitor your progress and make changes as required. When it comes to selecting a dermatologist, you need to take some time and pick your specialist judiciously. Ask your primary doctor if they can offer you with contact info for a dermatologist. You can also go online and check different websites for more info on where you can find board certified experts. Any specialist that you decide to give the privilege of caring for your skin should be licensed and have several years of experience handling the kind of treatment you are pursuing.

Make certain that once you have committed to seeing a specific dermatologist, you follow their instructions and pay close attention to how your skin appears and feel. If required, start keeping a diary in which you can write down any changes that occur. If you have any antiphons or issues with any of the treatments your specialist has recommended, let them know about them even if they are common. If you are thinking about having some kind of surgery or laser treatments, ensure you are aware of all of the hazards and advantages before you commit to the process. Once you have taken the time to have your skin cared for by a dermatologist, you can experience what it is like to have a suave, radiant and impeccable complexion.

prp hair loss treatment

Feeling depressed because of excessive hair fall? Read on

If you are encountering the problem of hair loss, you can turn towards PRP therapy for solution.

Hair is one of the most vital parts of any human being. Hair gives a remarkable look to an individual. So, everyone desires that his or her hair should be the best. The length and the viscosity of the hair help to augment the persona, particularly of a female. Styling of the hair also plays an impressive role in endorsing the good looks of any individual. You will find countless salons which are there just to give a picture-perfect style of your hair. So, when an individual encounters a problem of hair loss, their self-confidence can get hindered. A person can even get psychologically affected because of hair fall. They keep on thinking about their issue and this affects their everyday life.

Hair loss concerns

Hair loss has become the most horrifying problem amid folks of all age groups. These days, most individuals have detected the problem more often than normal when they comb or brush their hair. Individuals may face severe hair fall in the summer time as their scalp gets dehydrated, leading to irritation. Each hair thread comprises of a hair shaft, which is a root beneath the skin, from which the hair breeds. Keratin is the protein that exists in each hair thread. Individuals may incline to lose 50 to 100 hairs every day, and these will be substituted by new hair in the follicle. But, if your hair fall is atypical, then you need to take indispensible provisions to avert further detaching of hair. Anybody can experience hair loss and the problem might upsurge with the progressing age. Some recent statistics publicized that about 30 % of individuals will spot the same problem by the time they reach 30 years, and 50 % of them will encounter it by the time they turn 50 years.

What are the causes?

There are inestimable reasons that result in hair loss. Finding the veracious cause to fix the problem is a tad challenging chore that needs to take many things into contemplation. The problem ascends because of many reasons such as ageing, crash dieting, consumption of poor nutrients, dandruff, tension, mental and physical disorders, hormonal disproportions, infections and medicines.

How to overcome this problem?

As maximum individuals are suffering from the same problem, they are often eyeing for a solution to triumph over this problem. To see to such a situation, many patients nowadays are turning towards platelet rich plasma therapy for hair growth. PRP therapy or platelet rich plasma therapy for hair loss is a treatment that encompasses withdrawing a patient’s own blood, processing it so that only the supplemented cells (platelet-rich plasma) remain, and vaccinating it back into scalp. PRP encompasses vital proteins that arouse natural hair growth. The treatment can also be pooled with hair transplant surgery.

visit a dermatologist regularly

Why is it considered prudent to visit a dermatologist regularly?

Fine-tuning to the changing conditions and prerequisites of your skin is very imperative for an appropriate skin care. For example, your skin changes as you become older. Additionally, as you become older, the natural mechanisms of your body also become weaker. As your body will be exposed to diverse kinds of natural elements, such as ultra violet rays, dust, smoke etc., it will become feeble. Thus, it is reasonably vital to opt for flexible techniques for treating your skin. In such a scenario, it is imperative to visit the best dermatologist.

If you are not contented with the way your skin looks, visit a skin clinic or dermatologist for assistance. There are so many diverse categories of procedures that you can have done. You can learn about the obtainable types and find out which ones would be most valuable for you. You can do this by talking to a specialist that will be carrying out the procedures. Some of the options you will have include laser hair removal, Botox and Thermage. There are many other ones too, but these are some of the most common processes that are conducted at any skin clinic. Places like this can help with virtually any type of complaint that you have. All of these techniques are both safe and effective and specialists in the industry perform them. Board certified cosmetic laser surgeons implement maximum of the operations. Through the discovery of the laser, most of these techniques are much easier to implement than they were years ago. Many of them are quick and they are all effective. There are also many categories of facials to choose from. Some are used to revivify the skin, which will make it look younger. Others are for cleaning it or confiscating the oils in it. There are many to select from and you can have these done frequently if you choose. This will keep you looking remarkable and feeling great. Find a skin clinic to go to and start looking and feeling better and younger. You will love the way these techniques leave you looking.

Your dermatologist can help you comprehend how your skin is ageing and help direct you to the superlative ingredients, products and procedures to keep your skin appearing and feeling its healthiest best for several years to come. Seeing a dermatologist or skin specialist can be advantageous for a number of reasons. If you have a protracted skin condition, a history of skin complications, or another condition that affects your skin’s well-being, it is particularly imperative to see your dermatologist regularly. If you notice impulsive symptoms or fluctuations in your skin, you should also see a dermatologist. Also, if you have any risk factors for skin cancer, or if you have a high gradation of sun exposure, you should see your dermatologist recurrently. A dermatologist will be able to carry out screenings and tests that can diagnose any difficulties and he can help recommend treatment to maximise your skin healthiness.