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PRP Therapy in Delhi

prp therapyPRP or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is a revolutionary way to stimulate natural hair growth. This non-surgical way of hair restoration treatment is to stimulate active growth of inactive or newly implanted hair follicles as PRP has many growth factors that contribute to the effective hair growth.

At Kashyap Skin Clinic, we provide ground-breaking PRP therapy in Delhi. Known for the most effective treatment for thinning hair problem, the PRP procedures have been most popularly accepted by people who wish to get rid of baldness or hair thinning problems. Dr. S.K Kashyap utilizes modern technology for the treatment and the results are 100% effective.

PRP therapy works best on those having diffuse thinning and miniaturized hair and is suitable for both men and women. It is good for it ensures healthier and faster growth of transplanted hair, and also provides strength to the exiting hair. PRP works wonder on female hair loss pattern as they tend to lose hair in large scale. Thus, PRP therapy is an excellent and most effective alternative to hair transplant surgery.

This therapy is best provided at Kashyap Skin Clinic by experienced dermatologist Dr. S.K Kashyap. Here, the process undertakes in a carefully controlled place and are completely safe. Our doctor only use approved kits for treatment. Our success story describes why we are a leading provider of platelet rich plasma PRP hair loss treatment in Delhi.

Platelet Rich Plasma used for the treatment is a substance made from your own blood. PRP therapy is a non-surgical treatment for hair regeneration and it successful in most cases. The treatment requires 2-3 sessions with interval of about 6-7 weeks depending on the treatment procedure and individual needs. After successful transplantation, the density of hair will increase by 50% to 60%.

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So, if you are stressed with the hair fall problem, there is a solution to get the problem solved with us. The result of PRP therapy is successful, even in the stage of baldness. Use of platelet helps in the growth of blood vessels and new collagen. Positive results are seen in less time. The treatment is safe and poses no danger of allergic or any reactions. Our experts use sterile technique at every stage of PRP so that you get the best solution with no harmful effect.

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If you are facing hair loss, thinning hair problem and Looking for PRP Therapy in Delhi then choose Kashyap Skin Clinic. Book your appointment and opt platelet rich plasma PRP hair loss treatment with reputed hair specialist doctor.