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Earlobe Repair

ear lobe repair with glue in delhiWhy Struggle with Big Earlobe when you can get it Repaired with Lobuloplasty at Kashyap Skin Clinic?

Yes, you hear it right! You can now get your big earlobe repaired by undergoing Lobuloplasty at Kashyap Skin Clinics. Wearing heavy earrings may elongate the earlobe hole. With the help of improved Lobuloplasty earlobe repair process, this problem can be sorted out. It is simple but very effective procedure. Local anaesthesia is given for the process and it takes just half an hour. Our expert doctor carries out the process by cutting the skin inside the torn part of earlobe and then the fresh ends are stitched together. The scars that are made are barely noticeable and you can go out soon after the operation. Once the surgery is done, you can also get new piercing within a few months post surgery. You can get earlobe repair in Delhi at Kashyap Skin Clinic at the best price.

How it Works?

Our doctor will suggest you the right surgical method to repair your earlobe. This will depend on various factors including the nature of the problem and the desire of the person who wants to undergo treatment. Since each type differs from other, your plastic surgeon will decide which technique will be best for you.

Torn earlobes can be effectively corrected using delicate surgical technique. AT Kashyap Skin Clinic this repair surgery is performed with an optional sedative. It is pain less and there is hardy any evidence of discomfort. The most appropriate technique is discussed with the patient and then final method is carried out.

Other than torn earlobe, a variety of other problem may require the surgery of the earlobes. The abnormalities of the earlobe may be because of hereditary abnormalities, surgical procedure, traumatic events, etc. The techniques required to address most of these problems differ and may depend on the particular needs of the patient. Whatever may be the reason, we have a creative and artistic eye that helps in correcting the problems with utmost accuracy and precision.

Earlobe repair techniques

Kashyap Skin Clinic introduces the best earlobe repair techniques.

  • Earlobe repair with stitches.
  • Earlobe repair with/without stitches (By the use of surgical glue)

The doctor applies what is best and affordable for you. So, when it comes to repair or correct earlobe, please visit our clinic or contact us through our website. Dr. S.K Kashyap will be available to discuss with you all the potential treatment options when you visit us.

earlobe repair without surgery

If you are looking for earlobe repair treatment in Delhi then choose Kashyap Skin Clinic. Here Dr. S. K. Kashyap offers earlobe repair with & without stitches (by using surgical glue). Call us to book your appointment and opt earlobe repair with renowned dermatologist.