Tattoo Removal

tattoo removal

Had a change of choice about your tattoos? You can remove body art with the most effective tattoo removal in Delhi. The renowned laser expert in Dwarka, New Delhi at Kashyap Skin Clinic safely removes tattoos in a clinically set up.

May be you are bored wit your tattoo and wishing that how beautiful it would be to have a plain body. It is now easy to get a tattoo removed at your locality. When you think of tattoo removal, several factors come to mind and you may be scared of the negative impact it as on your skin. You may be considering how long it will take, and how effective it will be. Before you begin with the treatment, it is essential to discuss with trained professional, who can assist you with the right advice and ensure removal of your tattoo in the most effective way for you.

All you need to do is to find a reputable dermatologist to ensure proper treatment and result. Kashyap Skin Clinic is the right place to visit.

Tattoo Removal at Kashyap Skin Clinic

Laser tattoo removal in delhi undertaken by Dr. S.K Kashyap is simple, safe and most effective. The technology works by passing the laser light through the skin and erasing the tattoo ink in tiny particles. This process generally takes several sessions to get the optima result and 100% satisfaction.


laser tattoo removal in delhi

The procedure is painless but can cause a sight stinging sensation, which can be reduced later on with the application of local anaesthetic cream. Some may even experience a tanning or darkening of the skin, though it comes to normal skin after a short period of time. Redness in the area may be experienced after the procedure, but this disappears quickly. Your expert will advise using a sun block to protect the sun rays affecting the area, along with other useful tips on achieving the best results. It is worthwhile to take your tattoo to the experts for removing it and giving you plain loving skin! The expert at Kashyap Skin Clinic performs the treatment with modern techniques that aims to render only the best result for you.

When you have decided that you have had enough of your tattoo, laser tattoo removal in delhi is the superlative option for confiscating your undesirable tattoo. Getting a tattoo removed is a huge decision in terms of cost and the uncomfortableness of the process and healing course. At Kashyap Skin Clinic, we aim to offer you the most effective, painless and promising laser tattoo removal technique using Q-Switched Laser (MedLite C6).

About Q-switched Laser (MedLite C6)

Today, the market for tattoo removal is ruled by q-switched lasers. Before the 90’s, there were no good solutions for tattoo removal that were in extensive usage. Non-q-switched lasers were occasionally employed but had severe side-effects of blisters and scarring. Q-switched lasers came into widespread utilization in the 90’s and hastily became the most common and acknowledged modality for removal of tattoos. MedLite, the original Q-Switched laser, has long been recognized as the industry’s gold standard laser for multi-colored tattoo removal. MedLite C6 is also exceedingly effective on a widespread range of supplementary indications on all patient skin natures. MedLite C6 lives up to its repute as the “workhorse” of aesthetic lasers, with matchless precision beam technology. By offering a true flat-top beam profile, MedLite yields reliable outcomes with fewer complications for trustworthy treatments time and again. MedLite’s homogenous ray delivers energy uniformly over the skin’s surface, diminishing epidermal injury and increasing patient gratification. You can prolong the wavelength capabilities of your laser—permitting for full-color tattoo removal—with the MultiLite Dye Handpieces for 585 nm (yellow) and 650 nm (red). The C6 delivers quite high energies using an exceedingly uniform big spot, making tattoo removal tremendously fast and effective. The only disadvantage is that the laser can be painful, but with numbing cream and lidocaine, the pain level can be decreased or become minimal.

medlite c6

How the machine works?

Not too long ago, tattoos were an all-time commitment. Today, with the dawn of Q-switched lasers like the Medlite C6 Q-switched laser, safe and effective tattoo removal is impressively attainable. The Medlite C6 laser passes measured wavelengths of light into the targeted dermal ink, where the light is rapidly absorbed. This speedy absorption of the laser’s light energy breaks the tattoo ink into miniscule particles, which are then eradicated by the body’s natural filtering systems. The Medlite C6 laser emits light in very short pulses, forming a sensation that can be equated to the snap of a small rubber band against the skin. Maximum patients do not necessitate anesthesia during treatment, though the size and setting of the tattoo might be exceedingly sensitive and warrant a local anesthesia to minimalize any discomposure. The Medlite C6 implements its vanishing act on any kind of tattoo, whether professionally rendered or homemade, traumatic or invasive. The number of treatments depends upon the size and type of ink used, and the profundity of the ink beneath the skin’s surface.

Post treatment outcomes

The C6 Medlite laser works best on liquefying dark (blue, black and red) ink; oranges and purples generally fade well, while green and yellow inks are the most tough to confiscate and might need supplementary treatments. This treatment offers maximum tattoo removal outcomes without injuring or scarring the adjoining skin.


  • Superior flat-top beam profile: A constant beam targets the chromophore with accurate precision, delivering high energy evenly while reducing any impairment to the nearby tissue.

  • Increased power: Permits deeper penetration for more effective tattoo removal.
  • Expanded wavelength capabilities: The higher power empowers the use of MultiLite Dye handpieces for 585 nm and 650 nm wavelengths for treatment of a wider variety of multi-color tattoo.

  • Faster healing and advanced patient satisfaction: Patients are result-oriented and your client recommendations upsurge exponentially with patient gratification, higher patient recommendations will increase.

Cost of the procedure

The cost of this process largely depend on the extent of the tattoo, its ink and colors, the area on which the tattoo is imprinted and technology being used. All these factors are taken into consideration by the expert doctors at our clinic. In turn, they will guide you through the while process and the cost structure of the laser tattoo removal you are intending to undergo.

If you are interested in getting rid of your tattoo in a safe and promising way, you can get in touch with our expert team today to schedule an appointment.

Visit our website for consultation and schedule a meeting for tattoo removal by expert dermatologist in Delhi. Your beauty is our utmost priority and we strive to make you look beautiful and problem-free.