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Vitiligo Surgery in Delhi

Vitiligo Surgery
Those who are suffering the pain when Vitiligo starts setting in all over the face or body, Vitiligo Surgery comes as a boon to help them get rid of the ugly marks for forever.

Kashyap Skin Clinic introduces quite a few treatment procedures that can be used to deal with Vitiligo properly and Dr. S. K. Kashyap is one of the best doctors who perform effective Vitiligo surgery in Delhi.

Vitiligo or leucoderma is one of the leading causes of concern in both males and females. It is a common skin disorder in which patients have a loss of pigment in certain areas of the skin. These areas may be around the mouth and eyes, becomes completely white. Though Vitiligo does not cause any serious health problem, but it is a matter of great frustration and mental harassment.

Kashyap Skin Clinic, with its extremely professional and highly trained dermatologist, Dr. S. K. Kashyap, offers a favourable solution to mitigate leucoderma at the best possible means. Our special techniques that include laser treatments and Skin grafting and pigment transplantation can ensure 100% satisfaction guarantee with long-lasting result

Vitiligo Surgery Techniques

At Kashyap Skin Clinic, We use following techniques in vitiligo treatment.

  • By punch grafting
  • By suction blister grafting
  • By melanocyte transplant
  • By melanocyte culture

Why Kashyap Skin Clinic one of the Best in Delhi:

Our Vitiligo surgery ensure-

  1. No side effects.
  2. Fastest recovery from Vitiligo for lifetime.
  3. Highly trained doctor carries out the treatment.
  4. Use of advanced technology for permanent results.

Vitiligo surgery before after

Skin grafting is one of the best treatments for Vitiligo patients. Here skin may be grafted from the pigmented areas and placed effectively onto areas where pigment is lost. With much efficacy the doctor rub off the white part of skin and a very thin skin graft with melanin pigment is applied over the affected part. This is the most successful method of treatment for Vitiligo and considered as the best of Kashyap Skin Clinic.

For any other surgical treatment to be effective, Vitiligo must be stabled for at least 1 year. Our doctor removes small Vitiligo very easily using fine stitches and makes it almost invisible. However, there are other possible methods of treatment available at our clinic.

We offer each Vitiligo treatment in Delhi at cost-effective price and the doctor associated with the clinic is highly trained to deal with the individual problems of patients successfully. We assure, your search for a perfect dermatologist ends here!

If you are facing vitiligo problem and eyeing for Vitiligo Surgery in Delhi then choose Kashyap Skin Clinic. Book your appointment and opt vitiligo surgery with reputed dermatologist.