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Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removalWelcome to Kashyap Skin Clinic, – Your One-Stop Place for Laser Hair Removal in Dwarka Delhi, India.

In today’s world, when spaghetti straps, off shoulders and hot pants are the burning trend, we make you sure that the exposed area is hair free and smooth. Hairiness is the problem of entire body for both men and women and regular removal of unwanted hair through conventional method can be painful.

Thanks to kashyap Skin Clinic for introducing the pain-free and most effective laser hair reduction. With our new advanced technology, get the benefit of hair removal for both men and women without pain or side-effects. You won’t realize when it is done as you relax in our laser therapy lounge!  We only use top-notch technologies to deliver safe and effective results. At our Clinic, our aim is to provide you the possible best by using most advanced Laser hair removal method.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

At Kashyap Skin Clinic – New Delhi, the experts believe it is important to check your progress and ensure you know how to maintain your skin after the treatment. That is why we carry out a methodical approach to test patches before starting the treatment. We will explain you our other non-surgical treatments and products so you can experience everything under a single roof.

laser hair removal body parts

So, the process is- with hands of experience, Dr. S. K. Kashyap implement advanced technology laser treatment for every skin type. Few people may experience pain during the process; however some may experience slight stinging. The area has to undergo treatment every 4-6 weeks for 8 months to achieve the best possible results. At first, the skin may appear red and/or swollen; however this is quite normal and will be alright after 24 hours.

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If you are satisfied, then go through our website to look into the services and collect more information related to laser hair removal treatment. We explain what you can do to achieve an effective and long-lasting result. The treatment is successful for removing unwanted body and facial hair because it works from the root and damage the hair follicles to prevent unnecessary hair growth.

So, you have got some hair at someplace that you are just dying to get rid of. Perhaps you are sick of shaving it, or perhaps you can’t even reach to shave it. Waxing doesn’t last very long and maximum of the other products in the market are either are ineffective or downright cheats. Then there is the laser. Laser hair removal has been available now for over twenty years. Substantial technological advances have been made since the first lasers hit the market. At Kashyap Skin Clinic, we take delight in offering our clients with the best and most effective technology when it comes to permanent laser hair removal i.e. Diode laser (LUMENIS Desire).

About Diode Laser (LUMENIS Desire)

Lumenis Desire is most popular laser machine for laser hair removal.

 Laser hair removal by LUMENIS DESIRE

Banish undesirable hair with laser hair removal. Learn more about today’s finest laser hair removal techniques at Kashyap Skin Clinic, where medical proficiency and innovative technology create a winning solution for customers.

Why struggle with temporary hair removal procedures that irritate you with recurrent occurrences? You can look for safe laser hair removal treatment.

If you looking for laser hair removal in Delhi you can visit our clinic Kashyap Skin Clinic and get to know more about the treatment and cost related to it. We use most advanced Lumenis – Desire Diode Laser technology for permanent laser hair reduction.