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Nail problems and Treatments

  • Fungal infections cause regarding half of all nail disorders. There are a lot of common in toenails as a result of the toes are confined in a very heat, moist, weight-bearing environment.
  • Nail problems make up regarding 10 % of all dermatological conditions.
  • Nail problems sometimes increase throughout life and affect a high number of senior citizens.
  • Melanoma, the deadliest type of skin cancer, can grow underneath the nail in rare cases. Such melanomas could also be mistaken for injuries, therefore a dermatologist should be consulted if a dark-colored streak seems among the nail plate, if the nail discoloration doesn’t gradually improve or if the dimensions of the streak will increase over time.

Other common nail issues include:

  • Ingrown toenails, caused by improper nail clipping, poor stance, digestive issues or tight shoes.
  • Do not attempt to self-treat ingrowing toenails, particularly if they’re infected. See a skin doctor.
  • Vertical lines, called splinter hemorrhages, underneath the nails caused by nail injury or certain medicine and diseases.
  • White spots when an injury to the nail.
  • Bacterial infections, most frequently due to nail biting,injury, poor skin hygiene, finger sucking or exposure to water.

Tips for keeping nails healthy

  • Do not bite your fingernails; this could transfer infectious organisms between your fingers and mouth. Nail biting can also harm the skin around your fingers, permitting infections to enter.
  • Keep nails clean and dry to stop bacteria from collecting underneath the nail.
  • Apply a cream to wash your nails, particularly when removing nail polish, since most polish removers contain chemicals that dry the nails.
  • When toenails are thick and difficult to chop, soak feet in heat salt water (one teaspoon of salt per pint of water) for 5 to 10 minutes, and then apply urea or lactic acid cream. This softens the nails, creating them easier to trim.
  • Wear proper-fitting shoes and alternate shoes on a daily basis. Tight shoes can cause ingrown toenails.
  • If you apply a bright red or orange polish, prevent discoloration by applying an additional layer of base coat. If your nails become yellow and stained from the polish, they must come back to their normal color over few weeks if the same polish isn’t reapplied.
  • Cut your fingernails and toenails straight across and rounded slightly within the center. This may keep your nails sturdy and help you avoid ingrowing toenails.


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